MCF-USA (Maitres Cuisiniers de France)


Maîtres Cuisiniers de France is a prestigious culinary organization that spreads and preserves the French culinary arts throughout the world.  These individuals are passionate about their profession and encourage training and professional culinary development.  They dynamically  promote culinary excellence as well advance and perpetuate the traditions of great French cuisine.

MCF/USA has an annual meeting held each year within North America, as well as an International annual meeting typically held in France, but not always.  You can read a bit more about organization “ici”

This year’s North America Annual Meeting is being held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  It’s a four day event that consists of meetings for the MCF Chefs, and special events that spouses are invited to participate in.  There is always a major focus on ALL MEAL functions and of course are regionally highlighted.  This year we are excited to see what the Mexican MCF Chefs have planned.

In additional to the meeting there is always an new MCF induction ceremony and a presentation of the MCF Chef of the Year.  This year the Chef of the year happens to be my husband – Xavier!  We found this out at the international MCF meeting in St. Malo, France.


Here Xavier is with the MCF/USA President, Jean-Louis Dumonet, and International MCF President, Christian Tetedoie in St. Malo after the award announcement.  (love the striped scarves)

We are leaving in the morning for Mexico and are looking forward to an exciting weekend.  Even though the ceremony will be in Mexico, the prestigious award was shipping to Xavier this past week.  I have not seen it personally, but it really looks impressive.


It’s kind of a big deal and I couldn’t be more proud.


Xavier and his awesome team!

Updates soon from Mexico!


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