Pop Up Dinner!

Just a quick post to share a table set I did a few weeks ago.   We had friends in town from Istanbul and decided last minute to do a quick dinner at our house.


I know, I know…..I should have taken some photos of Xavier’s GREAT family style meal (and yes, it did include gratin potatoes) Of course it was absolutely delicious….I need to see if Xavier took any photos to share.  But this post is about my table (LOL).

I used a table runner that I bought years ago in Hawaii as the foundation for my table design.  To be honest I think it is really a bed runner – but hey, I like it as a table runner.   I just love the soft green color and how it pairs with my Simon Pearce celadon green dinner plates.



I have had these plates for over 20 years and I am still not tired of them.  These were our everyday plates (until my new Heath came along)….but honestly, I kind of miss using them everyday.  Not only are they durable, they are also beautiful and make any table set special.  They are hand-made in Quechee, Vermont with exceptional craftsmanship and are designed to last generations. (and last they do!)  Simon Pearce is probably most known for glassblowing. Their lead-free glassware is timeless-simplicity as well as elegant.  I especially love their champagne flutes!  Makes having champagne even more special.   Have a look at their website to see their great pottery and glassware collection.  Check out “here”.

I used a gorgeous Le Jacquard Français napkin called Papillion yellow.  I think this is a discontinued pattern.  Now, to me nobody does color combinations like LJF.  I am addicted to these table cloths and linens, which are either 100% cotton or linen, wash up like a dream, and really don’t need to be ironed (unless they are linen).   I posted before about the Alsatian Beauville table linens which I adore as well, but they tend to be more wrinkled when they come out of the dryer and I am inclined to iron them before using.  With LFJ this step really is not necessary (guess it depends how picky you are).  Take a look at these colors – Yellow with orange, lilac, raspberry and celadon green – stunning!  Think of all the table top options you could do with these!  I have the placemats in this one as well and they are so fresh and sunny.  Check out the LJF website “here”.



Okay….I got a bit carried away about my table linens.  I can’t forget the other pops of color I used to brighten my table.  Of course, I used my Glassybabys.  Glassybaby hand-blown votive candle holders can quickly and easily brighten any table.  I picked out some colors from my collection that would compliment the Papillion napkins.  I think I used 5 Glassybabys, and I put a sunny peach colored Gerber daisy in between each GB all the way down my table.  I probably have about 20 GBs in my collection.  There are so many great colors to choose from….it’s really hard to decide.  I have to thank my friend Colleen who lives in Seattle, where GBs originated, for introducing me to Glassybaby.  She has created a monster, but I have no where near the collection of babies that she has.  Glassybabys are now sold at several locations here in the SF bay area, in addition to a glassblowing studio in Berkley, and of course on-line.  Take a look at the Glassbaby website and see for yourself  what all the fuss is about. “here”.   It’s also worth reading about all the charities and donations that are made with a GB purchase.   A little note that GB does a second’s sale.  I have seen photos of it on Instagram and it looked crazy but probably worth going to!

So….for my last little table touch I also like to use a colored water glasses – in this case I used orange.  Speaking of water – I always offer both a still and mineral water to my dinner guests.   I am HUGE fan of Gerolsteiner mineral water from Germany.  “here”  Not only does it taste good, it is full of so many beneficial and healthy minerals.  Check out there mineral water comparison on their website and trust me you won’t drink any other mineral water.  You can buy it at Trader Joe’s and I think it’s like $1.00/bottle – so cheap!

Well, this about covers it for my pop up table.  I am already wondering about what I will be using for my next tablescape – I am thinking I need to take advantage of the pink peonies that I am seeing right now – I have a LJF tablecloth in Papillion RED – and it has pink in it.  You will have to wait and see……



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